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Stage 7 Karaoke is Gainesville's only private-room karaoke! If you want the comfort and privacy of a night in with your friends, and all the amenities of going out, we are your ideal choice! Consider us for any celebration or just a fun night out!


Private Rooms!

     Enjoy a private room where silly singing and dancing will only be seen by your friends and family! All rooms are separate and each can hold around 30-45 people. Guests from other parties would not disrupt your fun!

Professional Equipment!

     We offer the latest technology in sound equipment, which provides a superior experience for you and your friends! There are more than 400,000 songs in our database but you are also welcome to use Chrome Cast, which means you can play any music online on our devices!


Signature Drinks!

     Get some drinks at our front bar! We have beers, wine, and flavored signature drinks. Also, we provide non-alcohol drinks such as juice, iced tea, and fruit tea. Drink happy and enjoy your party!


Wild Stuff is wandering around EVERYWHERE...

Stage 7 Karaoke.

Nothing Happens. But Fun.

Take a look!
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